March 10, 2012

For the Dream! - A Bardic Fundraiser

I am back because there are things and they are exciting things!!!

Lady Lorelei Skye is spearheading an awesome project to benefit the SCA general fund, which as you may know has taken quite a hit lately.  She's putting together a 2-volume compilation album of SCA bardic works, which will be available soon through Heather Dale's  Each downloadable volume will be $10 a pop, and all proceeds will go straight to the recently depleted general fund.

And guess what - my beer song is on it!*  I'm posting the track here as a teaser, to whet your pallets for the full album.  I'm going to leave this track up for you to listen to until the album goes live on iBards, and then I'm TAKIN' IT DOWN!!!  Cuz y'all gotta go buy the album, see?  It's for a good cause.

Oh noes!  The album's ready!  No more listening for free!  ;-)  I'll see about posting a snippet-preview, and a big, exuberant announcement blog post later today, when I'm work.

*Barring some technological disaster, of course.  I feel compelled to point out that in the event that the file I sent to Lorelei spontaneously combusts upon uploading it to iBards, all bets are off.  It's unlikely, but it is the first time I've done this.  :-)


  1. YAY! I think it sounds great! Huzzah for the harmony...where'd you find the choir? ;)