September 19, 2013

Reviving the 'Ole Blog, and a whole new meaning to the virgin/whore dichotomy

Remember over a year ago when I said I was going to update every week with a new recorded song?  BAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  *slaps thigh*

Did you know that I wrote that like...the week that I left Ealdormere forever?  And moved back to Atlantia for a whopping MONTH before setting off for East of Drachenwald?  All alone, without my husband?  (Don't worry, he's here now).  Yeah.  CLEARLY that was overly ambitious.

But here I am, East of Drachenwald, settled in with my husband by my side and I have the bardic itch like whoa, now that it's sunk in how far away from it all I am.  So expect to see me posting here more often.

As penance, I present to you another recording (that I did over a year ago...oh, what penance!)  Actually, the file hosting service I used to use died, so I had to go searching for another one.  This Tindeck thing is the best free one I could find, so there ya go.  Penance.

This is a fairly silly piece, written in heroic couplets a la Chaucer for a challenge in Atlantia.  The challenge was to adopt a given persona (in my case the Wife of Bath) and either praise or slam another given persona (in this case Joan of Arc).  A bit of an anachronism, but certainly creative!  :-D

So good gentles, with no further adoing, I give you the Wife of Bath on Why Virgins Be Crazy.

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