Bardic Resources

This page is, and always will be, a work in progress.  If you find any links that are dead or don't lead where they should, please email me, and I'll fix it!  Likewise, if you know of any great bardic or early music sites that are not represented here, drop me a line, and I'll fix that too.

SCA Bardic
A collection of folk songs, modern songs written in "traditional style" and a small assortment of pre-1600 songs.

An enormous collection of links related to the bardic arts in the SCA.

The bardic blog of Teleri the Well Prepared, out of Atlantia.  She plays the harp and lyre, and writes very well researched stuff.

Her Excellency, Mistress Elashava bas Riva's YouTube page contains literally hundreds of videos of bardic performances throughout the known world.

The society-wide Yahoo group for bards.

Kingdom-Specific Bardic Pages

Period Songs
A collection of 30 Elizabethan songs, including lyrics, melodies and documentation tracing each song back to a primary source prior to 1600.

Fascimilies and modern versions of the songs of Thomas Ravenscroft, along with lots of other Ravenscroftian information.

A large collection of troubadour verse, some of which include English translations and midi melodies.

Choral Wiki
A wiki of free, online choral scores.  Link leads to a page that lists musical eras represented, including medieval and renaissance. 

Sixteenth Century Ballads
A collection of transcriptions of 16th century broadside ballads, as well as information and suggestions for further reading.

General Early Music Information
A collection of accessible essays on medieval music theory and history, including exhaustive lists of recordings and links to performer websites.

More early poetry than early music.  Contains a wealth of information on Germanic alliterative poetry, including rules to keep in mind when writing your own.

Early Music Performance
A French early music ensemble.  From their website, “Their goal is to resurrect the ambiance of the bars and taverns of Shakespeare’s time through research, memory, intuition and improvisation.” 

A chamber ensemble specializing in the music of the middle ages and renaissance. 

In addition to contemporary and traditional music of the British Isles and America, this all-female a cappella group is known for its medieval repertoire. 

A Texas-based ensemble that specializes in music from the 10th through 14th centuries, including Middle Eastern dance tunes. 

A St Paul-based ensemble specializing in, though by no means limited to, music of the middle ages and renaissance. 

An early music ensemble under the direction of Benjamen Bagby (of “Beowulf” fame).  This group is a particularly good resource for very early period music.

A British early music ensemble.

An early music radio broadcast from Indiana Public Media.  Website includes recordings of past shows, podcasts, blogs and links to featured performers.

An Austin-based early music radio program.  Website includes playlists and a link to the live stream of the program.

A database of free, streaming classical music recordings, including a good selection of early music.

A British recording label that produces a number of early music recordings. Many recordings are downloadable from their website.

Exactly what it says.  Lots of wonderful classes, and a great concert series.

The early music hub for the Chicago area with links to local ensembles, performances and information on early music.

A Milwaukee-based organization that presents historically informed early music performances by various ensembles.

Presents early music performances and workshops in Texas.

General information on many different types of harps.

Including information on HarpCon.

The personal website of Harper Tasche, a harper based in Washington State.

The personal website of Patrick Ball, storyteller and clarsach player.

Maker of historical harps based in New Hampshire.

Maker of historical harps based in Germany.

A Texas-based harper who performs and arranges early music for harp.