Frog Galliard
An arrangement of John Dowland's famous lute piece, for small harp

"Good gentles, you may know this girl perchance..."
In which the Wife of Bath schools he Maid of Orleans.

"Sugawara no Michizane-san..."
In which the Wife of Bath has impure thoughts.

Sonnet #2
"I have seen queens on high and distant thrones..."

A Tomboy's Lament
A triolet.

"Oh how I love the Springtime Gay..."
My translation of a gleefully violent song by the troubadour Bertran de Born.

Sonnet #1
"I'll not call these the best days of my life..."

Inspired by an Old High German word meaning "father and son."  Written in the alliterative verse style of "Das Hildebrandslied."

Beer is for Girls
Written in the style of a 16th century English drinking song, only deadly, deadly serious.

Aeron's  Song
A love song written in the style of a troubadour canso.