April 11, 2011

Frog Galliard

I've mentioned before that I'm arranging the Folger Dowland MS for small harp.  Well, here's a taste of what's in the manuscript!  I entered this in an A&S competition  this past weekend (and took home a sumptuous prize that included a LUSCIOUS beaver pelt....must think of something likewise luscious to do with it).  So here, for your geeking pleasure, is Frog Galliard.

The documentation, with the sheet music for harp.

A rough (really) recording of the piece, to give you an idea of what it sounds like.

This is the first of about 50 pieces yet to come.  I have a few more done than this, but this is the only one I have documented and recorded - and many of them (including the duets) are much easier than this.  Some are also way harder, but hey - that's fun too.

That's really one of the reasons I'm so excited about this project.  Not only does it flesh out our sadly spare collection of early harp music, but it really ups the ante for small harp technique-wise.  A perception exists that folk harps just aren't up to serious, technically challenging music.  That's largely because there's not a whole lot of technically challenging music out there for small harp.  This manuscript offers both - really fun, difficult stuff, with easier, more manageable stuff as well.  Gives you something to work through.  I can't wait until I have more of these done!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Isolde. Thank you for not only taking the time to post this for us to listen to, but also for providing the sheet music as well.

    Good luck with the project. I know it's going to be quite an accomplishment when you are through.

  2. This is awesome! Your recording sounds quite nice, actually, and the piece is really well arranged. It looks very challenging - don't know if I can play it! I'll look forward to seeing the whole very impressive project when it's done.

  3. Utterly lovely! You play so expressively... I believe you are becoming a virtuoso in your field. I'm so impressed with your musicality. Has your brother heard this?