February 22, 2011

Movin' Out! Also, a troubadour song revisited.

Oh God, it begins - the mad, downhill dash to moving away again.  I've got movers coming on Thurs, I leave Atlantia for Ealdormere (again) on Fri and then on Sat I'm teaching two classes - one of which I need to, like, finish writing.  And print out handouts.  Fnerh.

BUT IN THE MEANTIME!!!  I attended my last event in Atlantia for a while on Sat, and I'm glad I was able to before the stress hit.  Performer's Revel, hosted by Their Excellencies Fevronia Murometsa (a kindred harper) and Igor Medvedev (a kindred foodie).  Fantastic time - lots of music and stuffing my face.  And counting Gertrude there were SEVEN HARPS of assorted sizes and makes.  That was pretty sweet.

At the request of Mistress Linette...and some other people too, I think...I am posting here the melody to "Oh how I love the springtime gay."  My translation, the documentation, etc are posted here, but I put all of that stuff up before I worked up Bertan de Born's melody.  So here it is!  (PDF format - if you don't read music, drop me a line, I can midify it for you).  Follow the first link for the rest of the verses.  Someday, I will post all of that on one page so it'll make sense.  Not today.

Enjoy, you bloodthirsty maniacs, you!  ;-)

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