February 01, 2011

Crap I need to do:

Congratulations, blog!  You're my online SCA to-do list!  Woo!

By 2/5:
1)  Write poems about Sugarawa no Michizane and Joan of Arc for the Duke Gyrth Memorial Smackdown at KASF this weekend.
2)  Mebbe write documentation for them.  Mebbe.
3)  Write a 'lil extra documentation for KASF display.
4)  Go to FedEx, print out stuff for display, put in pretty binder.
5)  Buy picture frames, make display pretty.
6)  Go to event, smack some bards down.

AND THEN (ie by 2/26):
7)  Finish my new class for Practicum in a nice, leisurely manner.  (Troubadours!  Word!)
8)  Hound teachers who have not yet submitted materials for the Proceedings.
9)  And again.
10)  And again.
11)  Teach.
12)  Maybe more hounding.
13)  Publish Proceedings.

It'll all totally happen.  *nods*

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