December 08, 2010


Got Gertrude back.  Am very happy about this.  Have been playing nonstop after a month of no harping.  Anyone know what that means?  That means blisters.  Yow.

I'll be going to a local bardic night that's getting started here in the barony of Storvik tomorrow night, so I'm doing this sort of awkward tight-rope dance.  Want to practice, so I remember things tomorrow.  Want to not practice to much so the blister can heal a bit and not be distracting tomorrow.  As a result, I'm practicing veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwy quiiiiiiiiiiet!

This blog seems to have become all about pain lately!  Seems in recent posts I've got 2 references to blisters, 1 reference to phantom wrist-pain and 1 reference to mooshing my thumb down on a hot stove.  I swear I'm not constantly injuring myself on my harp, really!  It's just....pain is interesting!  Ask any fighter, they'll back me up.

Anyway, here's a promise:  tomorrow I will post about bardic night, and not about pain.  Less pain, more poetry, how's that sound?

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  1. Good. I have been missing you and your posts. Got any more arrangements done?