November 07, 2010

God, I'm stupid!

D-Day - 10/23, scheduled move to Atlantia for a few months.
Prior to 10/22 - Isolde hatches brilliant schemes to safely check her dear, beloved Gertrude on the plane to Atlantia such that she will not be destroyed.  Said schemes involve pillows, duct tape and a huge, mucking rubbermaid bin.
10/22, evening - Isolde realizes that her largest rubbermaid bin is not suitably huge and mucking.  But whatever, it's only for a while, and she'll be too busy to do much harp anyway.
10/23 - Isolde flies to Atlantia.  Gertrude does not.
11/7 - Isolde vows never again to go anywhere for more than a week without her harp.

Kids - it's like my fingers itch!  I'm going stir-crazy here without a musical outlet!  I really should look into getting some kind of bardic thing going here in Storvik (not that I have any idea where that would happen, given the lack of parking at my place).  One can do bardicness without  a harp.  But it's NOT THE SAME!!!  I WANT MY HARP!!!  GARGH!!!

While it's true that I miss my husband and my kitties more, that's all somehow less irritating.  Since, y'know, I COULD HAVE BROUGHT GERTRUDE WITH ME AND DIDN'T CUZ I WAS DUMB!!!  Anyway, said sorely missed husband will restore her to my restless fingers over Thanksgiving.  *twitch*  And in the meantime, I seriously will figure out some kind of SCA music outlet or I really will go nuts.

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