September 06, 2010

What's Isolde working on?

I'm too uninspired/buried in unpacking (just moved!  w00t!) to dredge up a focused or, like, y'know, interesting post, but I'm going to post sort of a generic "no really, I'm not just slacking" update mostly to keep myself feeling like I'm getting somewhere.  Right.

So what's Isolde working on?

Three Words:  This is a song by Mistress Eliane Halevey from Northshield.  It's gorgeous, it reminds me of Northshield, and I wanted to have it under my belt.  So I wrote a harp part for it, and I almost have it performance-ready.  When Eliane sings this, she has a drummer or the audience accompany her with a simple beat and sings it acapella - it works really well.  So I've incorporated that beat into the harp part, which is hella fun.  The harp part itself is meant to build in intensity as the song moves forward, and I really hope I achieved that.  Performance will tell.

Goliard:  Doña Antonia Santiago da Lagos, of Ansteorra, wrote a poem for the occasion of Master Thomas of Tenby's baronial investiture.  It stuck with me, I wanted it under my belt as an "Ansteorra" song, and so I'm setting it to music.  It's metrically similar to "Frog Goliard," so I'm making it a sort of goliard/coranto...thing.  I'm hoping to have it done by Ealdormere's coronation at the end of the month, but who knows.

Clarseach:   I have one.  It needs new strings.  I have new strings.  I need to put the strings on the harp.  And then....then, my friends, there will be hella posting, cuz I have ideas!  MBWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

I guess it's something about music and melodies - given the right words, they eventually just jump into my head.  It takes practice to get them right, but they'll happen whether I'm distracted or not.  Not so with poetry.  So when I have a lot of upheaval, like planning to move back to Atlantia while moving to a new house in Ealdormere, it seems that poetry takes a back seat.  I miss it, though.  I'll try to set aside some time to get something written before I head back South.

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