June 23, 2010

My callus is a mighty callus

This is harp-related and bears posting about.

Yesterday, like a dumbass, I was making tea (making tea isn't a dumbass thing to do, I was just being a dumbass while making tea, as you'll see).  I turn the back burner on - the one with the kettle sitting on it.  Then (and mind you, it's like 7am), I think to myself, "Hey, the front burner's all sticking up and out of it's little burner-socket.*  I'll just nudge that back down."  So I put my thumb on the front burner.  And push.  And, of course, it turns out it was not the back burner that I'd turned on.  *sigh*

So I had this nice, painful burn-stripe on my thumb right where the harp string goes.  I was devestated.  This would mean no playing the harp at all while it healed.  Ugh.

Like 2 hours later, I realize there's no blister, and there's not going to be a blister.  The pain was gone, the white stripe was fading, and the skin that was burned felt no different than the skin around it.  That's right - I'd burned myself squarely on my callus!  And my callus did exactly what it was supposed to - it scoffed at pain and injury.  My thumb is fine, my callus is mighty, and my stove is thwarted.

My callus > mooshing my thumb down on a hot stove.  HA!  There will be harping after all.

*That's not a typo, I think in misspellings at 7am.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent! Something like that has happened to me with a sharp knife. Several times I have strayed from carrot to finger, thinking that I had cut where the harp string hits. But no! There was no cut to be seen, thanks to the mighty callus.