February 25, 2010

Bardic Madness is WHEN?????

This weekend???  In two days???  No, it's all good.

Got my class handouts copied.  I recently came into a fistfull of free copy cards, so there will be extras - oh mama, will there be extras.  I'll also post the PDF here after the event.  I'd like to go through and add some footnotes before I post it, but there wasn't going to be time before the class itself.  The class is "Period Songs:  Where to find them, how to write them."  *froths at the mouth*

Got my songs...set.  Mostly.  Alternate lyrics to "Aeron's Song" are done and memorized, and it's practiced up.  Still hoping to rework the chords on "Sunufatarungo" to something more period.  Still hoping to memorize the melody (and perhaps the lyrics as well) to "Oh how I love the Springtime gay."  Ensemble pieces practiced.  Need to practice everything (including walking through my class in my head) a few more times before I feel really good about it.

Now I just need to cook and pack food so's we don't have to eat at restaurants on the way there and back.  Cuz we are broke, broke, broke!

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