January 23, 2010

Enter the Well-Tempered Harpy

When I first started getting interested in SCA bardic, lo those 4 or so months ago, I scoured the internet for examples.  I wanted videos, lyrics, sheet music, research, anything I could get my hands on to tell me what on earth I'd be getting into if I took my new harp to an event, with the intention of playing the thing for like people and maybe singing too.  What I found was helpful, but I didn't find nearly as much as I'd hoped.

Hence this.  I've decided to add my voice to the web.  Over the next few whatevers, I'll be adding songs I've written or translated, oodles of geektastic documentation and the occasional rant, musing or "OMG LOOK AT THIS CRAZY SONG I FOUND" moment.  Starting out, the blogs, websites and online nooks I found of other SCA bards really helped me get my bearings.  So if some n00b to SCA bardic ever runs across this site and goes, "huh," then I'll have repaid my virtual karmic debt.

On the one hand, I feel like a bit of a tool putting my work and thoughts on the internet like I know what I'm talking about, being somewhat new to the bardic arena.  On the other hand, what the hell?  At worst, it'll be an amusing chronicle of my progress from suck to non-suck.  :-)  Stay tuned for songs.

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